Spectrasperse 6000 & 7000 Series

Spectrasperse 6000 aqueous dispersions are high solids organic pigment dispersions designed exclusively for the water-base ink market.The manufacturers of water-based inks can achieve significant formulating and production advantages from the features of Spectrasperse dispersions. Their use provides for ease of handling, clean working conditions as well as consistent quality. Read More HERE. Spectrasperse 7000 aqueous dispersions are high solids, stir-in organic pigment dispersions that contain no resin or binder. They contain only dispersing agents at the lowest possible level to achieve stability without affecting the performance characteristics of the coating. Spectrasperse 7000 dispersions can be used in specialty applications in the printing ink, latex rubber, non-woven textiles, soap, paint and wallpaper industries. Read more HERE.