Spectrasperse 6000 Series

Spectrasperse 6000 aqueous dispersions are high solids organic pigment dispersionsdesigned exclusively for the water-base ink market.The manufacturers of water-based inks can achieve significant formulating and production advantages from the features of Spectrasperse dispersions. Their use provides for ease of handling, clean working conditions as well as consistent quality. Spectrasperse 6000 dispersions offer:
  • Broad compatibility
  • High pigment loading
  • High strength
  • Low viscosity
  • Large selection of pigments
  • Excellent gloss and transparency
  • Non-settling characteristics
  • Easy to mix in
  Spectrasperse 6000 product list    
Spectrasperse 6000 Series
Code Trade Name Description Pigment Index
BK-6075 Spectrasperse Black Carbon Black Carbon Black
BL-6011 Spectrasperse Blue Phthalocyanine Blue GS PB15:3
BL-6152 Spectrasperse Blue Phthalocyanine Blue GS PB15:3
GR-6074 Spectrasperse Green Phthalocyanine Green PG7
OR-6161 Spectrasperse Orange DianisidiPK7ne Orange PO 16
OR-6342 Spectrasperse Orange Diarylide Orange PO 34
RD-6020 Spectrasperse Naphthol Naphthol Red YS PR2
RD-6146 Spectrasperse Naphthol Naphthol Red PR146
RD-6170 Spectrasperse Naphthol Naphthol Red BS PR170
RD-6192 Spectrasperse Red Quindo Violet YS PV19
RD-6231 Spectrasperse Naphthol Naphthol Red BS PR23
RD-6266 Spectrasperse Naphthol Naphthol Red MS PR266
RD-6572 Spectrasperse Rubine Lithol Rubine YS PR57:1
YL-6142 Spectrasperse Yellow Diarylide Yellow AAOT GS PY 14
YL-6155 Spectrasperse Yellow Yellow LDC PY155
YL-6171 Spectrasperse Yellow Diarylide Yellow AAOA GS PY17
YL-6741 Spectrasperse Yellow Hansa Yellow PY74
YL-6832 Spectrasperse Yellow Diarylide Yellow HR PY 83
VL-6031 Spectrasperse Viole Methyl Violet PV3
VL-6235 Spectrasperse Violet Carbazole Viole PV23