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For over 40 years, Spectrachem has been manufacturing high quality water based pigment dispersions for use as textile inks (screen printing inks), wall coverings, paints, printing inks and coatings. Spectrachem specializes in custom manufacturing of custom formulated water based pigment dispersions including short run orders made to customer requirements. We strive for customer satisfaction with all products we design and manufacture.

We also manufacture Ready For Use Plastisol and Aqueous Inks specially formulated for the textile printing market. Our textile inks are the highest quality inks in the industry and include Aquabase RFU, Plastique and Plastisol series products. Spectrachem products are used extensively as textile inks in screen printing applications such as T-shirts and sportswear. Small and large packaging sizes are available.

Spectrachem is also a manufacturer of water based adhesives for a variety of industries.

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Spectrachem manufactures a broad line of water-based pigment dispersions for use in textile ink, wall coverings, paints, printing ink and coatings. We also have Ready for Use (RFU) products specially formulated for the textile ink and textured wall covering markets. We can custom manufacture dispersions to your exacting specifications and supply trial and scale up quantities.

About Us

Spectrachem® has been in business since 1967. Our executive offices and manufacturing facility are located in New Jersey.

We ship all across the United States and export to many countries around the world.

The company's motto is: "Superiority Through Aggressive Research". Our R&D, strict Quality Control and high level of Customer Service give Spectrachem a definite edge over our competitors.

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Spectrachem began servicing the textile industries with water based pigment dispersions and has grown to serves a broad range of industries with high quality products. This market section covers some of the more common markets served. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have a specific need for a water based pigment dispersion.

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