Plastique RFU

Plastique is a high solids, aqueous, ready for use printing system that can be screen or roller printed. With adequate application it will impact a gloss effect similar to a “Duco” look. In addition, Plastique can be used for applications where ultimate fastness properties are required, such as for upholstery, etc. Even water repellent fabrics, including water repellent nylon1, with Plastique show excellent fastness to abrasion, wash, dry cleaning and crocking (wet and dry, 4+).

Plastique Carrier NQ1910 is supplied in a ready for use form. No binders, low crocks, or other additives are necessary. Only an addition of color in the desired proportions is necessary. Most available water based pigment dispersions should be compatible. Nonionic types are preferred. A complete line of ready for use colors are also available2. In addition, a special white is available in a ready for use form that offers high gloss and good hiding. This is designated as Plastique White NQ1160.

Due to the effect of certain pigment dispersions or individual viscosity requirements, it may be necessary to adjust viscosity. A good acrylic type thickener such as Spectrasperse Thickener NA6950 is recommended. Due to the high solids of Plastique, significant thickening will occur with very small addition of thickener. Therefore, we recommend adding thickener in increments of 0.25% until the desired viscosity is achieved. Thinning should be avoided so as not to dilute the Plastique too much. However, if necessary, small quantities of water can be added.

After printing and drying, the fabric should be heat cured for 3 minutes at 300F in order to maintain maximum fastness properties.

1. Adhesion quality will vary depending on type of water repellent the nylon has been treated with. Therefore, adhesion and wash fastness should be checked prior to any volume production runs. Adhesion can be improved on difficult fabrics with the addition of 1 ½ oz. per gallon of Catalyst Binder Auxiliary NA6921 to the Plastique color. 2. The Plastique R.F.U. colors are available on a firm order basis for a minimum of 1000 lbs per each color.