Spectrasperse 7000 Series

Spectrasperse 7000 aqueous dispersions are high solids, stir-in organic pigment dispersions that contain no resin or binder. They contain only dispersing agents at the lowest possible level to achieve stability without affecting the performance characteristics of the coating. Spectrasperse 7000 dispersions can be used in specialty applications in the printing ink, latex rubber, non-woven textiles, soap, paint and wallpaper industries. Spectrasperse 7000 dispersions offer:
  • High pigment loading
  • High strength
  • Full dispersion
  • Large selection of pigments
  • Excellent transparency
  • Stir-in product
  • Broad compatibility
  • Non-settling characteristics
Spectrasperse 7000 product list
Spectrasperse 7000 Series
Code Trade Name Description Pigment Index
BK-7042 Spectrasperse Black Carbon Black PK7
BL-7152 Spectrasperse Blue Phthalocyanine Blue PB15:3
GR-7071 Spectrasperse Green Phthalocyanine Green PG 7
OR7161 Spectrasperse Orange Dianisidine Orange P016
RD-7020 Spectrasperse Naphthol Spectrasperse Naphthol PR2
RD-7166 Spectrasperse Scarlet R Scarlet R PR166
RD-7170 Spectrasperse Naphthol Naphthol Red BS PR170
RD-7231 Spectrasperse Naphthol Naphthol Red BS PR23
YL-7141 Spectrasperse Yellow Diarylide Yellow AAOT GS PY14
YL7184 Spectrasperse Yellow YS Bismuth Vanadate PY184
YL7748 Spectrasperse Yellow Hansa Yellow PY74